July in the eyes of our Team Manager Nick

“Over the last few weeks we have, in addition to entering the lab, been able to meet more regularly face-to-face with one another, while of course maintaining the appropriate social distancing. Now we are starting to get the first glimpses of what our hard work is creating – and it’s exciting!
While experiencing some of the “all you can eat” restaurants in Delft, we have also been able to get to know each other on a more personal level. This has been really nice as it has allowed us to enjoy the true iGEM experience; we learned about our different backgrounds and our shared passion for synthetic biology. It’s is one of the aspects that’s really bringing us together as a team.

As we approach the halfway mark of our full-time project, the team has managed to take a short holiday break here and there to help ensure everyone is refreshed and energized. We can now focus on presenting a project that encompasses everything that we have learned and is an expression of who we are as a team. As we look to the second half of the project, we are all enthusiastic and ready for the hard work ahead of us during the coming months – “bring it on!” as they say.”


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