Gene Doping theme meeting by Netherlands Society of Motility Sciences (VvBN)

The VvBN held a talk with the title “Doping in Sport: legal or illegal?”. Three different speakers presented three different aspects of doping usage in sport. The first speaker, Dr. Paul Dimeo presented the challenges of fighting doping usage and argued various downfalls of the current anti-doping laws. Also, he offered a number of suggestions to tackle doping in sport. The second speaker of the evening was Bart Roelands, a Human Physiology professor at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels, Belgium. His research focuses on the role of the brain during exercise, more specifically the role of neurotransmitters during fatigue. The last speaker was Professor Hidde Haisma. He presented the possible gene doping techniques and the current detection methods that are currently being developed. At this event, we got acquainted with different sides of our project topic. Moreover, we had the chance to finally talk with Professor Haisma in person where we explained our method in greater detail and got some feedback.