Best Foundational Advance and Best Part Collection


Sci-Phi 29: Many of the world’s issues, like pollution and climate change, could be tackled with biotechnology, by using microorganisms that digest certain substrates, like plastic or CO2. On earth, we have a huge biodiversity of microbes that could potentially utilize all these substrates and convert it to useful products. However, in reality, biotechnology sticks to a limited number of microbial chassis; since there is a lack of characterized parts for genetic engineering of unconventional microbes, we cannot harness the potential of all microbes on the planet.


Sci-Phi 29 is a versatile platform which allows expressing your gene of interest in a controllable manner across different bacterial species and independently of the host due to the concept of orthogonal replication. To make Sci-Phi 29 a standardized and user-friendly platform we provide a Modular Cloning (MoClo) compatible collection of parts. Sci-Phi 29 is a versatile platform to further explore the bacterial diversity providing new opportunities for the advancement of synthetic biology.