Advanced Detection of Performance Enhancement



TU Delft iGEM 2018 aims to prevent the abuse of synthetic biology in sports by developing a genetic doping detection methodology. Gene doping has been on the list of prohibited substances in sports since 2003, yet no method has been implemented to enforce this ban. Our project, Advanced Detection Of Performance Enhancement (ADOPE), aims to provide the proof-of-concept for an efficient, secure and versatile detection method. We have modelled the detection window; implemented a suitable sample preparation method from blood; developed a valid pre-screen based on gold nanoparticle technology and developed a unique and cutting edge targeted sequencing platform based on a novel dxCas9-Transposase fusion protein and nanopore sequencing technology. Finally, we have developed an algorithm that is able to group our sequencing outputs and indicates whether the athlete used gene doping. Continuous feedback from stakeholders has focussed and improved our project, making our method all the more complete.

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