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2 weeks ago

It's that time of the month again! Our new newsletter was just sent out. Curious? Check it out! 🧬 🔬#iGEM #newsletter #tudelft #iGEM2019 #SynBio #GlobalMeetingPoint #update #ParisMeetup


The Delft Health Initiative (DHI) is the interfaculty platform of TU Delft that has a focus on all academic activities (education, research, valorization and student participation) related to healthcare/cure/medical technology. Six out of eight TU Delft faculties are involved in the Delft Health ... See more

3 weeks ago

We have won the Best Presentation award in the #InParisMeetup !!! Thank you so much @igem_evry @igem.pasteurparis @igemgoparissaclay @igem.ionis for having organised this Meetup!!! 💙🇪🇺

3 weeks ago

Our teammates Joel and Sagarika have presented the Sci-Phi 29 project to the assistants of the #InParisMeetup . We are very grateful for the feedback we have received from the judges! 🧬🇪🇺

4 weeks ago

Pitstop in Antwerpen on our way to the InParis European Meetup! ✌🏼🇪🇺 #iGEM #iGEMTUDelft #SynthBio #EuropeanMeetup

1 month ago

🧔🏻 Meet Marco, our Science Maganer!
🧬 He is a 26 year old Life Science & Technology MSc student
🦠 He is interested in metabolic diversity, microbial consortia and genetic circuits. He also likes surfing.
✏️ A quote: “Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the ... See more

1 month ago

Thank you StuD for helping to realize our project by covering the DNA synthesis for our plasmid!

The StuD Fund is a separate part of StuD. The aim of the StuD Fund is to facilitate innovative, entrepreneurial projects that will benefit the students of Delft University of Technology. Do you have ... See more

1 month ago

Last week Nemo published our new first Dutch blog! In this monthly blog, we talk about the Bioday. iGEM Leiden also posts their blog on there. Go check it out 🙂 https://biotechnologie.nl/artikelen/blij-verrast-hoor-ik-ook-igem-in-het-rijtje-voorbij-komen/

Het scala aan bacteriën die we kunnen inzetten om medicijnen te maken vergroten, dat is waarvoor wij strijden. Ons team gaat in deze vroege ontwikkelingsfase al op zoek naar toepassingen: zien wetenschappers mogelijkheden in de techniek die we ontwikkelen? Lees het in dit blog.

1 month ago

It is time for a new newsletter. Are you curious about what we have been up to? Click the link below!🤩🧬🦠🧪🧫


1 month ago

Yesterday we attended the Bioday organised by the @tudelft and Delft Bioengineering Institute. During the poster session we presented our poster and discussed our project with experts. #iGEM #SynBio #PosterPresentation #Outreach 🧪🧬🥳 @ Aula TU Delft

1 month ago

🧕🏼 Meet Hafsa, our Sponsoring Manager!
🎓 She is a 21 year old Nanobiology MSc Student
🧠 She’s interested in neurosciences, artificial intelligence and photography
✏️ A quote: “Meh”

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